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About Darling Darla

Darla Itoshii was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in San Diego, California. A Southern California native. She is the oldest of two children from a family of successful entrepreneurs in the textile industry. Instead of joining the family business after high school, she worked in various occupations and obtained a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with concentration in Finance from a California State University.


In 2011, Miss Itoshii started modeling for clothing and fashion catalogs and by 2012 she moved into other avenues of modeling (i.e. import car shows, promotional, lingerie and nude). She has parlayed her exotic looks due to her Korean-Japanese heritage into a career as a model, video vixen and dancer. Miss Itoshii is a very skilled dancer winning 1st place in many competitions. She is most known for her unique sultry looks, energizing personality and strong stage presence. 


Currently, she is a partner in a small business in Los Angeles and works in Management. Even with her busy schedule she continues to model part time. 

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