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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a boyfriend or husband? 
No, I do not have a boyfriend or a husband. 100% single.
Do you sell personal items?
Depends, but yes I do. Just ask me what you want through my email:
Do you have a wishlist?
Yes I do. If you do get me anything off of there please send me an email with the receipt so I can properly thank you.
How do I donate money to Darling Darla?
Click on SHOP and scroll to the bottom or just click below and scroll to the bottom.
What comes in the custom selfie set order?
If you purchase the 5 selfie set it is whatever theme I want. If you purchase the 10 selfie set you can request whatever theme you want (Examples: bathtub, school girl, leather jacket, banana etc.).
Are you nude in your custom selfie set?
Yes some of the pictures will have nudity. Topless and implied bottom is the furthest I go. 
Will you tell my wife or significant other about my purchases?
No I will never do such. Everything is confidential and only between you and I.
Do you do Skype Sessions?
Yes I do.
What do you do on your Skype Sessions?
I accommodate your needs and make sure you have a good time. 
Can I skype with you whenever I want?
Yes, but I do skype sessions by appointment only.
What are you rates for Skype Sessions?
15 Min          Nude                $150
1/2 Hour       Nude                $275
Any other questions? Email me.
Don't be shy... I'm very open minded!
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